Sometimes the best place to start is with you. 

Come Alone.

Many times I see individuals who are struggling in their remarriage and stepfamily issues, but either they or their spouse aren't ready for couples or family therapy.  If this sounds like your situation, I encourage you to take the first step for yourself and your family.  We can make sense of the distress you might be experiencing in your relationship(s) and work on changing negative patterns of communication where you might feel stuck. Much can be accomplished within a couple's or family system when one person begins the process of change. 

Transitioning Through Divorce. 

Most people experience divorce as one of the most stressful events of their lives. There is tremendous loss...loss of a partner, loss of a family as you knew it, and loss of a future you envisioned being one way, but now things feel uncertain. It's not uncommon to experience a tsunami of feelings all at once; anger, grief, fear and even hope.  The hard part is, through it all, most of us have to continue to function at work and as parents.  My goal for our work together is to reduce stress by developing skills that help you process through feelings without becoming overwhelmed by their intensity. 

Single Parenthood.

Single parenthood can feel pretty lonely sometimes. It's all you, all the time, with no partner to share the amazing moments with your kids, (as well as the not so amazing moments). Self doubt about parenting ability and decision making can creep in. Stress about finances and the future is common, and we miss our kids when they are with their other parent.  Single parents also often wonder how to navigate dating with children. (When is it time to introduce our new love interest to our kids?) And, last, but definitely not least, how do we co-parent in a healthy, low conflict way with our ex? We can address these issues and more with the goal of you experiencing more confidence and less stress as a single parent.