Where are you located? 

I have two offices, one in south Denver and one in Centennial. For a map of each, please click here. 

How did you become interested in helping remarried couples and stepfamilies? 

Remarried couples divorce at rate 67% versus 50% for first marriages. Being remarried with a biological child and a stepchild, I know firsthand the challenges remarried couples face.  My reason for doing this work is to help stepfamiles like my own weather the rough patches and remain together. For more information on common stepfamily challenges, click here. For more information about me, click here

Do you only work with remarried couples and stepfamilies?

Absolutely not! I love working with all types of couples and families.

What are your fees and do you take insurance? 

I charge $120 per 50 minute session and $165 for 75 minute session.  I do not take insurance but I can provide you with a superbill with the necessary information for you to seek reimbursement. 

How many sessions will we (I) need? 

It really depends. New couples who are looking for preventative or "preblending" counseling may need only a handful of sessions to begin with, and after I recommend they come back for "check in" sessions depending on the dynamics in their stepfamily system. 

Step-parent/parent coaching is typically a shorter duration as well, with "check in" sessions recommended.

Couples who have been together longer and have accumulated more "hurts" will most likely need more sessions over a longer period of time. Your progress will be faster if you come weekly, especially in the beginning. There are books and other tools you can be aware of outside of our sessions that can help you progress faster as well. 

What is therapy like with you? 

First and foremost, I don't judge people's behavior.  Many people list "being judged" as their number one fear of going to therapy. Being judged hurts, and as a result, people clam up, afraid to share again. (Which makes perfect sense!) That's not conducive to helping people open up and talk to one another in a less defensive way, which is an important goal of therapy.

I know your time is valuable and want to make our sessions as productive possible.  Before each session, I will already have a goal in mind based on what you want to accomplish in therapy. 

Much of what we will do together involves me helping you communicate more effectively with your spouse or family member so you experience less anger, hurt and anxiety. We will slow things down, figure out exactly where things go wrong, and I will help you begin to try something different; something that brings you closer together and helps you feel more understood.

I won't let you fight. Certain ways of fighting are destructive to a relationship. It's not constructive to let couples and family members spiral into their negative patterns of communication during our time together. While a certain amount of conflict is normal, my habit is to intervene quickly by slowing things down and helping you each share your feelings in a way that promotes a deeper understanding of eachother's expereince.  

I want you to really enjoy the people you love. Couples and families spend a lot of time together, right? Why not enjoy it? (Profound idea, I know.)


Please contact me with any and all questions! I would love to hear from you!